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Dental Hygiene Unit

Dental Hygiene Unit

A dental hygienist focuses on preventive oral care, this includes treatments to prevent or control periodontal (gum) disease and dental decay, oral health promotion and education to both individuals and groups of people in relation to their oral hygiene, diet and lifestyle habits such as smoking and the specific oral health care of those with special needs. The dental hygienist works closely with other dental team members and healthcare professionals to provide holistic patient care.

The dental hygienist works under the supervision of a dentist, this means that the patient must first be examined by a dentist who will then indicate the treatment to be carried out by the dental hygienist.

The dental hygienists in the Dublin Dental University Hospital treat patients referred to them by the dentists in the hospital. They treat patients with a variety of different needs such as head and neck cancer patients, patients with complex medical conditions that have oral health implications, patients with physical disabilities, patients with learning disabilities and patients requiring specific dental hygiene treatment prior to or during advanced restorative dental treatment and orthodontic treatment.

Staff in the Dental Hygiene Unit:

Wenda Thomas RDH
Sarah Troute RDH
Catherine Waldron RDH FAETC MSc.