Lecturer/Registrar in Accident and Emergency (12 Month FTC)

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Thursday, 29th April 2021
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The Dublin Dental University Hospital is seeking to recruit a Lecturer/Registrar in Accident and Emergency to join the team. This is a full time, 12 month fixed term contract. The position reports to and is accountable to the Clinical Director or to any other authorised designated officer to whom that responsibility is delegated by the Clinical Director.

Role Summary:

The role of the Lecturer / Registrar includes but is not limited to:

  • Leading and managing all NCHDs
  • Ensuring that any issues which may arise from leading and managing the NCHDs are addressed in a timely manner with escalation to the Clinical Director  when is necessary.
  • Attending A&E clinics as the supervising Lecturer/Registrar.
  • An important aspect of the role is the triaging of patients. The Lecturer/Registrar is responsible for the training of new NCHDs in the process of triage. Any difficult cases must be managed by the Lecturer/Registrar.
  • The Lecturer/Registrar shall be available to assist the NCHDs with any difficulties they may have in the  A&E setting.
  • Attending prison sessions as per the rotation.
  • Recording all requests for additional treatment for patients in the Irish Prison Systems in the IPS database. 
  • Liaising with the Consultant in charge of prisons in regards to any issues arising in the Irish Prison System.
  • Assist NCHDs with difficult cases that arise in prisons and liaise with appropriate staff in DDUH if a prisoner requires treatment in DDUH.
  • Ensuring patient treatment in the A&E Department is carried out to the highest standard and ensuring productivity in this area is exemplary.
  • Examining and treating patients attending the Dublin Dental University Hospital or at such other institutions as may be determined from time to time
  • Maintaining appropriate records of patients under their care.
  • Acting as a clinical lead regarding the Salud system in the A&E area.
  • Ensuring the furnishing of records and the general supervision of the clinical work he/she is carrying out under the direction and control of the Clinical Director.
  • Providing support and leadership to NCHDs, particularly at the start of their contract and being available in the A&E department during the critical period for them in July and August each year.
  • Administrative duties including the follow up of patient care, NCHDs and student activities.
  • Arranging the induction programme for NCHD, including liaison with relevant Consultants to provide the necessary tuition. Identifying a list of topics that are required for this purpose on an annual basis and agreeing them with the Clinical Director.
  • Compiling and managing the on-call rota for the Christmas holiday period and duration of the year.
  • Liaising with NCHD and nursing staff to ensure that the on-call service runs smoothly.
  • Allocating responsibility for the monthly check of the on-call bag (instrument and materials) among the Senior House Officers (SHO).
  • Providing support and advice to the NCHD on call. This may involve taking calls from the NCHD on call outside of the normal working hours midweek and at weekends. The Lecturer/Registrar in not expected to attend external Hospitals after hours and at weekends unless they are the on call themselves.
  • Compiling a weekly rota for the Junior House Officers (JHO) to analyse, file and onward referral, where indicated, of all ongoing and returning patient pathology and blood results. Monitor and ensure that the work of SHO’s and JHO’s is completed satisfactorily.
  • Organising a Journal Club meeting on a monthly basis to ensure that NCHDs maintain up to date knowledge on a range of relevant topics chosen by the presenting NCHDs.
  • Attending and participating in CPD meetings whereby unusual cases encountered in the clinical setting will be presented by the Lecturer/ Registrar and other NCHDs and the cases may then be discussed in a forum with Specialty Consultants present.
  • Organisation of monthly NCHD lectures – the Lecturer/Registrar is responsible for organising a variety of speakers to give a lecture to NCHDs in a range of subjects in the field of dentistry appropriate to preparing for the MFD exam and also for improving clinical skills and knowledge.
  • Organising the monthly NCHD meeting and liaising with hospital staff regarding the NCHDs. Any issues arising from the monthly NCHD meeting that requires action should be followed up by the Lecturer/Registrar.
  • Booking of rooms for meetings for NCHDs.
  • Responsibility for the organisation and smooth running of leave allocation among the NCHD staff with the Postrgraduate Administrator. Acceptance and organisation of leave applications will be the responsibility of the Lecturer/Registrar who will also liaise with the Postgraduate Administrator to confirm that the appropriate staff are informed when NCHDs will be on leave. Ensure there is no disruption to services due to leave.
  • Organising cover for NCHDs on exam dates which will affect more than the allocated number of NCHDs permitted leave on a regular basis.
  • Organising cover for NCHD sick leave in liaison with the Clinic Manager.
  • Student credits – the Lecturer/Registrar is responsible for ensuring that students are credited appropriately on any sessions they supervise and also for ensuring that other NCHDs take on this responsibility, in conjunction with any other supervising staff, in relation to student grading.
  • Organisation of a photograph of NCHD staff and circulation of this to all DDUH staff.
  • Booking taxis through a web based application for all NCHDs who require transfer to an external workplace during the week as part of their NCHD duties. Monitoring use of taxi for appropriateness.
  • Organising the biannual appraisals for the NCHD staff. This involves a short meeting with each NCHD, the Clinical Director and the Lecturer/Registrar. This allows the NHCDs to provide feedback on their role and to suggest changes and improvements.
  • Attend at the Clinical Audit Committee meetings as a member of the Clinical Audit Committee. The Lecturer/Registrar is responsible for ensuring that the NCHDs complete a clinical audit during their year in the DDUH and comply with the audit deadlines. The Lecturer/ Registrar is also expected to complete an audit.
  • The post holder will attend other meetings as required.
  • Managing any complaints, in conjunction with the Clinical Director in the first instance received in relation to NCHD staff and reporting appropriately through Untoward Incident Forms (UIF’s) etc.
  • Liaison with the Clinical Director on any issues affecting NCHD staff as they arise.
  • Liaison with the Clinical Director on any issues regarding A&E.
  • Assist the Clinical Director in the compilation of legal reports required for patients who attend the A&E/on call service
  • Ensure equipment required for effective functioning of A&E/on call is in full working order and if required make necessary arrangements for repair/replacement e.g. on call bag, camera etc.

Qualifications, Experience & Person Specification

The candidate must:

  • Be a dentist who is fully registered, or eligible for full registration on the Register of Dentists of the Dental Council of Ireland. If not registered on the Register of Dentists, registration will be required before appointment and this must be completed within one month of a job offer being made.
  • Ideally have a minimum of three years clinical experience as a registered dentist, with experience in a dental teaching hospital.
  • Ideally, have obtained MFDS or equivalent.
  • Have a clear understanding of his/her career path and the role this appointment could play in the pursuit of clearly identified career goals.

To apply for this role, please click the following link

Closing Date for Applications is Tuesday the 18th of May 2021, 5pm

Please note: all job offers are subject to references, Garda Vetting and pre-employment medical.

Dublin Dental University Hospital is an equal opportunities employer.