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Patient Charter

Dublin Dental University Hospital Patient Charter

As a patient of the Dublin Dental University Hospital you have the right to:

  • A high standard of care delivered in a courteous manner
  • Privacy and Confidentiality and to be treated with dignity and respect
  • Have your treatment discussed with you in a non-technical manner enabling you to have a clear understanding of what it will entail
  • Give or withhold informed consent for your treatment
  • Access your records in line with current legislation and the Dublin Dental University Hospitals policies and procedures
  • Comment on any aspect of our services through your dental team

Mutual Respect:

Care is provided at Dublin Dental University Hospital under the assumption that the patient will show mutual respect for all other patients and staff. In particular you are expected to:

  • Show a mutual respect for Dental Team members and all Dublin Dental University Hospital staff and students
  • Refrain from violent of offensive language and/or behavior while at the Dublin Dental University Hospital
  • Respect the rights, property, privacy and diversity of others
  • Use our resources and facilities in a responsible manner

Your responsibility:

  • To understand your condition, treatment and follow up instructions. Should you not do so we advise you discuss the matter further with a member of your Dental Team. Understanding your health issues is central to your successful treatment.

Teaching & Research Hospital:

  • You are reminded that the Dublin Dental University Hospital is a teaching hospital and as such part or all of your treatment may be administered by student practitioners under supervision
  • You are also reminded that research activities are conducted at Dublin Dental University Hospital and should your treatment involve research based projects you will be advised of this in advance and your consent obtained
  • In addition to research,  the Hospital will from time to time audit its patient records as part of the clinical audit process.  Clinical audit is a valuable part of the quality improvement process and can lead to service improvements for our patients.  Access to your data for clinical audit is strictly controlled.  All personal data is anonymised.
  • Decision on your suitability for treatment will only be made after initial assessment by an appropriate member of staff or student