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Draft Lecture Schedule 2021

Hilary Trimester: Neuropathic Orofacial Pain

  1. Why can’t I get the tooth numb?
  2. Causes of Pulpalgia other than caries and cracked tooth
  3. Diagnosis & Treatment of Neuropathic Orodental Pain
  4. Diagnosis & Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia
  5. Diagnosis & Treatment of Burning Mouth Syndrome
  6. Other Trigeminal Sensory Neuropathies
  7. Trigeminal Neuritis, Neural Trauma, & Dental Implant Pain
  8. Needle therapy for NPP
  9. Botox for Pain
  10. Electrical Stimulation Interventions for Chronic Pain
  11. Chronic Orofacial Pain Medications and Management (NNTs)

Trinity Trimester – Headache Disorders

  1. Headache Classification & Epidemiology
  2. Red Flag Headaches
  3. Diagnosis & Treatment Episodic TTHA
  4. Diagnosis & Treatment Episodic Migraine
  5. Diagnosis &Treatment of TACs and CDHs
  6. Secondary HAs
  7. Diagnosis & Diagnostic Tests for HA and Behavioural Treatment for Headaches
  8. Treatment & Pharmacology and Nutraceuticals for CDH

Michaelmas Trimester – Temporomandibular Disorders and Dysfunctions

  1. TMJ, Masticatory and Cervical Anatomy
  2. Definitions, Classification and Epidemiology of TMDs
  3. Diagnosis of Internal Derangements, Dislocations and Locking
  4. Diagnosis of Acute and Chronic Muscle Pain
  5. Diagnosis of Uncommon TMD and Collagen Vascular Diseases
  6. Diagnosis and Treatment Localized TMJ Arthritis
  7. Treatment of Acute and Chronic Muscle Pain
  8. Non-Surgical Treatment Internal Derangements
  9. Alternative Therapies
  10. Surgical Intervention for TMJ disease
  11. Botulinum Toxin for TMD, Bruxism/Clenching

Draft Lecture Schedule 2021

Neuropathic Orofacial Pain Module 

Headache Disorders Module 

Temporomandibular Disorders and Dysfunctions Module