Oral Radiology Unit

The Radiology unit provides a full spectrum of imaging services using the latest digital technology. Diagnostic imaging is provided for all patients of the Dublin Dental University Hospital as well as patients referred from outside practices.

Examinations provided include intra-oral radiographs, panoramic radiography, extra-oral radiography such as lateral cephalometrics, occipito-mental and other skull views and cone beam computed tomography. Practitioners wishing to request specialised views should discuss their requirements with the Department.

Dentists may refer patients for imaging by providing a referral letter (which includes patient contact details, and billing information, a clinical justification for the exposure and the type of radiograph required). No radiograph will be taken without the referral letter being available at the time of the appointment, and appropriate justification for the exposure. Written and verbal reports are available (a charge will apply).

Charges apply for all radiographs and are payable at the time of the appointment.