Appointments and Cancellations

During your first appointment we will focus on assessing your treatment needs. As part of that process it may be necessary to carry out various tests such as x-rays. Please ensure that you understand your treatment needs by talking to your dentist. At this visit you should also discuss the cost of your treatment with your dentist.

Treatment is not normally provided during that first appointment.

Once the initial assessment process is completed, we will tell you whether we are in a position to provide treatment and, if so, what fees will apply. Your name will then be placed on the appropriate treatment waiting list.

You will be notified of your next appointments either during your previous visit or by post.

On this next appointment a full examination of your dental needs will be undertaken by the dentist / student to whom you have been appointed.

If students are treating you, appointments may be made by telephone.

Failure to attend appointments

A DNA is someone who Did Not Attend the hospital for a scheduled appointment and did not contact the hospital beforehand.

The Dentist, Nurses, Clinical Support and Administrative Staff were waiting in the Clinic but the patient Did Not Attend (DNA)

There are a number of patients waiting for treatment who could have come in the place of the DNA’s, if only the hospital had known in advance.

Do not be a DNA - if you have been given an appointment that is unsuitable, change it NOW by telephoning 01-6127391.

Remember your call will give someone else the opportunity to receive their treatment earlier than scheduled.

If you fail to attend an appointment, you will not automatically receive a new appointment. Our students need their patients to attend if they are to graduate!

If you fail to keep a number of appointments or attend persistently late your treatment will be discontinued.