Undergraduate Teaching and Learning

The division provides teaching and learning support to the:

Dental Science

Dental Science (B.Dent.Sc)

On successful completion of the five-year Dental Science undergraduate programme, dental graduates must be capable of independently providing a wide range of oral healthcare for adults and children including those with special needs.

Trinity College Dublin confers the degree Bachelor of Dental Science that entitles the graduate to register as a dentist on the Register of the Dental Council of Ireland (www.dentalcouncil.ie).   Dental Science graduates who are EU citizens are entitled to register with the regulatory bodies of other countries in the European Union which fulfil the Sectoral Directives as they relate to the education and training of dentists.

You may find all the information required on the Dental School Website:

Dental Science (B.Dent.Sc)

Dental Technology

Dental Technology (B.Dent.Tech)

The Bachelor in Dental Technology is a 3 year course which is taught mainly in the Dublin Dental School and Hospital. The main aim of this course is to educate and train students to become part of the dental team for the planning, designing and fabrication of intra-oral appliances. Dental technology is divided into four main areas, fixed prosthodontics, complete denture technology, removable denture technology and orthodontic technology.

Detailed information for this course may be found on our Dental School Website. Dental Technology (B.Dent.Tech)

Dental Hygiene programmes

Dental Hygiene (Diploma)

On successful completion of this two year programme the dental hygiene graduates are able to provide preventative oral care to both children and adults including those with special needs. This includes treatments to prevent or control periodontal (gum) disease and dental decay, advice and counselling in relation to diet and lifestyle habits such as smoking, oral health promotion and oral health education to both individuals and groups of people.

Dental Hygiene (Diploma)