The following are links to the full time staff pages on the Trinity College academic staff profiles.

Prof Brian O’Connell - Dean of the Dublin Dental University Hospital

Dr Osama Omer - Head of Department of Restorative Dentistry & Periodontology

Dr Michael O’Sullivan - Associate Professor/Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Course Director Postgraduate Prosthodontics; Director of Postgraduate Teaching and Learning

Dr Hal Duncan - Assistant Professor/Consultant in Endodontology

Dr Jeff O Sullivan - Assistant Professor in Biological Science 

Dr Ioannis Polyzois - Associate Professor/ Consultant in Periodontology; Course Director Postgraduate Periodontology

Dr Brendan Grufferty - Assistant Professor/ Consultant in Restorative Dentistry; Course Director Clinical Dental Technology

Dr Philip Hardy - Assistant Professor/Director of Undergraduate Clinics in Restorative Dentistry

Dr Denise Mac Carthy - Associate Professor/ Consultant in Periodontology  

Ms Catherine Gorman - Assistant Professor/Lecturer & Course Director Dental Technology

Dr Peter Harrison - Assistant Professor Lecturer in Periodontology

Ms Yvonne Howell - Course Director and Tutor Dental Hygiene

Dr Síle Lennon - Assistant Professor/Lecturer in Endodontology

Dr Marina Leite Pimentel - Assistant Professor in Restorative Dentistry & Periodontology

Division of Restorative Dentistry & Periodontology Part Time Staff:

Allen, Ronan

Ahmed, Sittana

Baxter, Kerry

Brazil, Ann

Byrne,  P.J

Byrne, Hugh

Canavan, John

Carney, Nuala

Cleary, Gerry

Condon, Mark

Conroy, Neasa

Corcoran, Declan

Crotty, John

Davis, Siobhan

Digney, Cathal

Donnelly  Aisling

Fitzgerald, Maurice

Furlong, Declan

Gallagher, Frank

Gilmore, Kevin

Glennon, Johanna

Gorby, Robert

Gough, Niall

Gunderman, Anne

Harrison, Alan

Houston, Frank

Jennings, Maria

Kane, John

Kane, Liam

Kemmoona, Maher

Lally, Una

Lane, Helen-Marie

Marullo, Paulo

McAleese, Emma

McAllister, Clodagh

McAlister, Conor

McCarthy, Daisy

Murphy, Fiona

Neeson, Niall

O’Connor, Niall

O’Reilly, Ed

O’Reilly, Paul

O’Sullivan Yvonne

Owens, Jason

Power, Ivan

Quinlan, Paul

Sugrue, Colm

Swanwick, Roberta

Thomas, Wenda

Troute, Sarah

Vard, David