Corporate Services

Corporate Services is dedicated to working to meet the needs of our internal and external customers, through facilitation and project management, the dissemination of information, transparent governance, responsible leadership, personal example and best practice.

The functions and roles of the Corporate Services Department include the following activities:

Governance: Concerned with the management and ongoing development of the systems of governance in operation within the Dublin Dental University Hospital.  In particular:  management of Board Secretariat; internal audit; risk management; quality assurance – accreditation / certification; insurances and legal.

Regulatory: Concerned with the provision of guidance and ensuring compliance.  The following responsibilities fall into this area:  tendering and procurement (including the Supplies and Purchasing function); FOI and Data Protection; radiological protection; compliance; new legislation and regulations; and Policy, Procedure and Protocol (PPG) development.

Communication: Concerned with the development and promotion of open communication throughout the Hospital, with external partners and funders and to the public.


Colette Kinsley

Corporate Services Manager

Tel: +353 1 612 7610