The National Dental Nurse Training Programme of Ireland is a joint initiative between the Dublin Dental University Hospital and Cork University Dental School & Hospital.

This is a 16 month, part-time programme for trainee dental nurses who are working in dental practices.

The programme starts at the end of August each year.

Lectures take place on a Wednesday evenings from 6.30pm – 9.30pm.

Classes will be taking place online with some in-person sessions taking place during the programme. 

The course fee for 2024/25 is €2,500.  The fee for the following year may be increasing to €3,000.

For information about the course, please visit the School of Dental Science website.


1. Candidates must be employed full-time as a trainee Dental Nurse at time of application and throughout the duration of their study. If for any reason employment ceases, the student must inform their Tutor and will be given a time period appropriate to the situation to resume employment.

2. The following requirements are necessary for entry into the programme:

Have completed a Leaving Certificate with a minimum of a grade O6 in five subjects.


Be over the age of 23 years. Such students may be interviewed at the discretion of the Dental Schools. Students with other qualifications (e.g. qualifications from outside Ireland) will be considered on an individual basis and may be interviewed.

3. Candidates are required to provide Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C documentation.

All candidates must provide all of the following three blood test results (laboratory results) as part of the application:

  • Proof of non-infection with Hepatitis B. This must be dated within six months of applying for the programme. Candidates should ask their GP to carry out the following tests: HBsAg and HBcAb. The result should be negative. (In the presence of positive HBsAg or positive HBcAb, a negative HBeAg and negative HBV-DNA viral load result will be required).
  • Proof of non-infection with Hepatitis C. This must be dated within six months of applying for the programme. Candidates should ask their GP to carry out the following tests: Hepatitis C antibody test. The result should be negative. (In the presence of a positive Hepatitis C antibody test result, a negative PCR test for hepatitis C RNA will be required).
  • Proof of Hepatitis B immunity. Candidates should ask their GP to carry out the following test: anti-HBs. The result should be greater than 10mIU/mL. (If the result is less than 10mIU/mL, please contact for further information).

Candidates should print and/or show the above requirements to their GP to ensure that all three blood tests are carried out. Failure to provide any of the above will result in the application being rejected.

For further information about these requirements for healthcare providers, candidates should consult the following:

Immunisation Guidelines for Ireland 2015: Chapter 9:  Immunisation and Health Information for Health Care Workers and Others in ‘At Risk’ Occupations:
The Prevention of Transmission of Blood-Borne Diseases in the Health-Care Setting (Department of Health and Children 2006),4352,en.pdf

Students will be required to complete a Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider Course accredited by the Irish Heart              Foundation during the programme as per the curriculum of the American Heart Association (2020 guidelines).


 Applications are now closed for the programme starting at end of August 2024. 

 If you wish have your name and email address added to the Mailing List for the programme starting in August 2025, please email:   

 Contact Details:

 For more information, please email:

 Phone: (01) 612 7340