A&E Unit

The A&E clinic operates a walk in service from 8:30am for the morning clinic and 1:30pm for the afternoon clinic, Monday to Friday. Patients are accepted for treatment in the A&E clinic for the management of acute pain, severe infection, haemorrhage, oro-facial trauma, swelling or possible/suspected cancer. The clinic is unable to see other patients. Specifically the clinic does not restore teeth, repair dentures or carry out routine extractions. The A&E is staffed by the NCHD (Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors). Only if required in an emergency, are the Specialists/Consultants within the Hospital available to support the A&E due to a lack of available staff resources.

There is a limited service most evenings and weekends.  At weekends, A&E is not a walk in clinic. Patients must first phone the Dental hospital and leave a message for on call staff who will return the call and discuss the need for the patient to attend the Department.. Any patient who requires emergency treatment should, in the first instance, contact his or her own dentist, or if eligible, the local health board clinic. 

The DDUH has no arrangements with any dental practices to see emergencies on their behalf, despite, information highlighted in some practices.

Patients who are under treatment from staff or students in another clinic in the DDUH should, in the first instance, try to contact the relevant individual or department.

Dentists who have cases requiring emergency dental treatment should note that cases that are beyond the scope of general practice are also probably beyond the scope of the A&E clinic and normally require attention in a consultant/specialist clinic. It is advisable in such cases to telephone the appropriate consultant in that specialty.

Please DO NOT advise a patient to attend the A&E Clinic, whether or not you provide a letter of referral, without discussing with the A&E Department as it leads to patients being upset, when treatment cannot be provided.

Consultant in Charge A&E Prof. Leo F A Stassen