Certificate in Dental Radiography

The Certificate in Dental Radiography is run by the Dublin Dental Hospital in association with Diagnostic Imaging, UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science.

Programme Overview

The Certificate in Radiography is a programme designed for dental professionals currently working in dental surgeries who hold a dental nursing or dental hygiene qualification that is recognised by the Dental Council of Ireland.

This programme is delivered online and supported by face-to-face teaching in your dental surgery and practical sessions in the dental hospital. 

A computer and internet connection are essential (preferably high speed/broadband connection).

Programme Duration

The programme is 6 months in duration.

Entry Requirements

All students of the programme require support from their employing practitioner to supervise their practical training and fill in their record of experience. This support must be verified by signature of the supervising dentist.

The following requirements are necessary for entry to the programme:

  · Candidates must hold a dental nursing or dental hygiene qualification that is recognised by the Dental Council of Ireland’s voluntary register for dental nurses or register for dental hygienists. Proof of qualification is required.

  · Candidates must be registered with the Dental Council of Ireland at the time of application. Proof of registration  (Certificate of Registration) is required.

  · Candidates are required to provide Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C documentation - See Vaccinations section below. 

  · Candidates are required to provide the completed Supporting Documentation for the application with confirmation of the supervising dentist's support. 

Programme Award

Registered candidates who have successfully completed:
 · All required examinations and assessments of the programme
 · The record of clinical experience in the exposure of dental radiographs, verified by your employing practitioner to the satisfaction of the programme tutor.
 · Attend all practical sessions as set out by the programme tutor
will be awarded a Certificate in Dental Radiography awarded by the Dublin Dental Hospital in association with Diagnostic Imaging, UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science.

Course Structure

The candidate must be employed in a dental surgery throughout the duration of their study. Dentist support, supervision and record of experience assessment are essential to complete the programme.

If for any reason employment ceases, or employer changes, the student must inform their course tutor. A time period appropriate to the situation will be allowed to the student to resume employment.

Course Delivery

All academic sessions (lectures, demonstrations, and tutorials) will be delivered using a range of appropriate teaching methodologies.

All course materials will be available through the online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) called Moodle (except the core textbook which is included when the course fee is paid). Computer and high speed internet access is essential for undertaking the programme. Students must also have the internet browser: Google Chrome updated to the latest version on their computer.

The programme commences in January each year.

Attendance at any workshops or face-to-face meetings are essential and no student will be granted permissions to be exempted.

These take place on five Saturdays between January and June in the Dublin Dental University Hospital. 


The programme is assessed on a continuous basis using a combination of online formative assessments, completion of the necessary practical technique training session, a portfolio of experience and final written and practical examinations.

Students are required to complete a portfolio of experience, which is a record of their skills, knowledge and clinical experience gained in the workplace over the programme’s duration, which must be submitted for assessment to the Dental Schools. This record is completed under the supervision of the supervising dentist and any time may be requested by the course tutor for review at any time.

Programme Fee

 The fee for the January 2024 programme is €1,150. This fee is inclusive of the core textbook.


In accordance with the current Dental Council of Ireland's Guidelines vaccination against the Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is strongly recommended for all clinical dental personnel. Vaccination is also advised against tuberculosis, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, and tetanus.

Candidates are required to provide Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C documentation. All candidates must provide all of the following documentation at the time of application:

  1. Proof of non-infection with Hepatitis B. This must be dated within six months of starting the   programme.Candidates should ask their GP to carry out the following tests: HBsAg and HBcAb. The result should   be negative. (In the presence of positive HBsAg or positive HBcAb, a negative HBeAg and negative HBV-DNA viral   load result will be required).

 2. Proof of non-infection with Hepatitis C. This must be dated within six months of starting the   programme.Candidates should ask their GP to carry out the following tests: hepatitis C antibody test. The result   should be negative. (In the presence of a positive hepatitis C antibody test result, a negative PCR test for hepatitis C   RNA will be required).

 3. Proof of Hepatitis B immunity. Candidates should ask their GP to carry out the following test: anti-HBs. The result   should be greater than 10mIU/mL. For further information please contact: DentalNurseTutor@dental.tcd.ie

 For further information about these requirements for healthcare providers, candidates should consult the following:

 Immunisation Guidelines for Ireland 2013: Chapter 4:  Immunisation and Health Information for Health Care Workers   and Others in ‘At Risk’ Occupations: http://www.hse.ie/eng/health/immunisation/hcpinfo/guidelines/

 The Prevention of Transmission of Blood-Borne Diseases in the Health-Care Setting (Department of Health and   Children 2006) https://www.hpsc.ie/A-Z/Hepatitis/BloodborneVirus/File,4352,en.pdf


 Applications are currently open for the Certificate in Dental Radiography 2024 programme. 

 To apply to the programme:

  1. Please read all parts of Application Process & Course Outline 202024.

 After reading the Application document, please complete the online application form below.

  1. Click here to complete the online application-form January 2024 and click Submit.
  2. After completing the online application, you MUST: i) print, ii) complete all parts of and iii) Email the Supporting Documentation 2024 to Administrator at DentalNurseTutor@dental.tcd.ie.  

 Paper applications will not be accepted.

 If you have any queries in relation to filling out the online application form, please   email: DentalNurseTutor@dental.tcd.ie

 The online application form and submissions of the supporting documentation must be completed by 4pm on Friday   29th September 2023.

 Please note all payments are to be made by Electronic Payment only. See the Application Process document for   payment details. Card payments not available. Cash not accepted. 

Important: Please note application for this course does NOT guarantee an offer for a place on the course.

Contact Details

For more information, or to add your name and email to the Mailing List for January 2025 please email: DentalNurseTutor@dental.tcd.ie