Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act (FOI) was first applied to the Dublin Dental University Hospital in October 1999.

FOI gives you three legal rights:

  • The right to access both personal and non-personal records
  • The right to have personal information held corrected or updated where the information is incomplete, incorrect, or misleading
  • The right to seek reasons for decisions that affect you.

There are exemptions provided for in the 2014 Act. This means that there are specific circumstances when the requested information will not be released, e.g. to protect confidentiality. If any of these exemptions are used to withhold information, the reasons will be clearly explained.

How does FOI work?

The Act requires the Dublin Dental University Hospital to respond to requests from the public for information it holds. The Dublin Dental University Hospital must acknowledge receipt of requests within 2 weeks and give its decision on a request normally within 4 weeks of receiving it. The Dublin Dental University Hospital must also assist members of the public seeking access to information.

How to make an FOI request?

You must apply in writing (letter or email) to the FOI Officer at stating that you are making a Freedom of Information request and include a copy of an official ID with your request.  You must provide sufficient information in order for the requested records to be identified e.g. for personal records your date of birth, current and previous addresses and approximate dates of attendance. You must specify the records required and the manner in which access is sought e.g. photocopies.  No fees will be charged for personal records.

Non-Personal Information

A wide range of non-personal information is available to the public in relation to the services provided by the Dublin Dental University Hospital. This information is available via the web site ( and information leaflets/publications.  If the non-personal information requested is not readily available, it will be necessary to apply under the Freedom of Information Acts and fees will apply where the cost of locating and copying of records is in excess of €101.

Can I get access to any information that I seek?

Access to any official information held by the hospital can be sought under the FOI Act. However, in order to allow the hospital business to be properly conducted and to comply with the requirements it will sometimes be necessary to exempt from release certain types of information. These exemptions are set out in the Act.  Among the exemptions are:

  • Personal information (other than information relating to the person making the request).
  • Information supplied to the hospital in confidence.
  • Law enforcement and Public Safety.
  • Commercially sensitive information.
  • Deliberations of the hospital.
  • Functions and negotiations of hospital.

If you require any further information, please contact the FOI Officer.  Email: