Bench Test Preparatory Course 2019

By dhadmin
Friday, 4th January 2019
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The Restorative Department of the Dublin Dental University Hospital will provide a three day update course in preparation for the Irish Dental Council’s Statutory Examination Bench Test.

If there is sufficient interest (minimum 10 participants, maximum 25 participants), the Bench Test Preparatory Course 2019 will run for three days, from Monday 1st April to Wednesday 3rd April 2019. The final half day will be used for a trial bench test, with feedback from the instructors.

It will take place in the state of the art teaching facilities at the Dublin Dental University Hospital and will consist of supportive lectures with extensive opportunity to carry out appropriate restorative exercises in a supervised environment, including class 1 & 2 amalgam restorations, all ceramic anterior crown preparation and temporisation.

On the final day, participants will have the opportunity to complete preparations under examination conditions, and the preparations will be evaluated by the instructors. Formative feedback will be provided for all the participants.

The fee for the course is €2,200.  Closing date for application is Friday, 8th March 2019.  A completed application form and fee must be returned to Amy Fisher, Dublin Dental University Hospital, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2 before this date. Enquiries to Application form available here: Bench Test Preparatory Course Application Form