Transition Year Day Programme 2017

By dhadmin
Thursday, 5th October 2017
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The School of Dental Science runs a Day Programme each year for Transition Year students, taking a maximum of 50 students for the programme.

Students will be selected from a range of schools around the country to maximise school participation. The date for the 2017/2018 Transition Year Programme is Friday 1st December 2017. Students wishing to attend must complete theonline application process below and include Junior Certificate results and a personal statement. In the event of the programme being oversubscribed, places will be offered competitively on the basis of Junior Certificate results and personal statement highlighting the reasons for your interest in participation. Normally only one student per school will be selected.

Places will not be offered until after the closing date for applications. The closing date for application is Sunday 19th November 2017.